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During his piano studies David Baltuch played a wide repertoire, from Scarlatti and Bach to Schoenberg and Stockhausen. After a first cycle of studies at the Académie de Jette (Brussels), he continued at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles where he graduated with Premier Prix diplomas with Distinction in piano and chamber music. He pursued his piano studies privately with Maestro Eduardo del Pueyo, who initiated him to a conception of piano technique and work based on the method of Marie Jaëll, a student and friend of Franz Liszt.

At the heart of this method we find a meticulous work on the mental representation of the mouvement as well as the muscular and tactile anticipation of the gesture to be performed, and the anticipatory inner hearing of the result to be attained. Exercises away from the keyboard contribute to develop the pianist’s consciousness of his or her hand and fingers’ movements.

A detailed examination of the score, an in depth reflection on the composer’s intentions and a work in extreme slow motion will assist the pianist towards a musical rendition as faithful as possible to the composer’s thought and to the interpreter’s concept.

(David Baltuch)

In addition to solo performances, David Baltuch has concertized within chamber music ensembles (duos, trios, quartets and sextets) in Belgium, Israel, Luxemburg, Palma de Majorca, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. His chamber music repertoire ranges from Couperin and Bach to Bartók, Stravinky and Klezmer music.

Excerpts of David Baltuch’s piano recordings are available in the Gallery section (Gallery > Videos > Piano).


David Baltuch studied piano with Gaston Preusser (Académie de Jette, Brussels, Belgium), Naum Sluszny and his assistants, Bernard Lemmens and Avi Schoenfeld (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, Belgium), Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden and his assistants, Catherine Van Loo and Patricia Montero (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, Belgium) and Eduardo del Pueyo (private lessons in Brussels, Belgium). He studied chamber music with Jean-Christophe Van Hecke (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, Belgium).

The concerts performed by David Baltuch as a pianist include:

  • Sonata Op. 38 by J. Brahms, Fantasiestücke Op. 73 by R. Schumann, Sonata by C. Debussy, Sephardic Melody by P. Ben-Haïm, Pièces en concert (transcr. P. Bazelaire) by F. Couperin (Emanuel Gruber, violoncelle), Ticho House Gallery (Jerusalem, Israel), 18/02/1995.
  • Concerto N°5 by L. van Beethoven, Saint-Martin Church (Ham-sur-Heure, Belgium), 09/11/1997.
  • Three Romances Op. 94 by R. Schumann, Introduction and Variations Op. 160 by F. Schubert, Ondine by C. Reineke (Gérard Noack, flute), Conservatorio Profesional de Musica, (Jaen, Spain), 18/02/1989.
  • Concerto for two pianos and orchestra by W.A. Mozart, Saint-Joseph Church of Jette (Brussels, Belgium), 21/01/1991.
  • Ch’io mi scordi di te by W.A. Mozart (Martine Reyners, soprano, Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra of Budapest, conductor, Norbert Nozy), Improvisations on Hungarian Folk Songs (excerpts) by B. Bartók, Bagatelles (excerpts) by B. Bartók, Allegro Barbaro by B. Bartók, Tournai Cathedral (Belgium), 28/08/2015.

For a complete list of courses attended, diplomas earned and concerts performed by David Baltuch, please refer to his academic CV (Home-Accueil > Personal (English) > Academic CV).